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Corporate Career Path

It is a path. And after 20 years, still learning.

This is a short overview of the Corporate Career path of Ogi Karam.
You can also check his LinkedIn Profile  or read his full biography

B2C or B2B and always H2H!
Human to Human 

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Almost 20 Years of working experience, working in or for more than 20 companies, some of them are leading brands.

Career development is a journey, it is a path and I was aware of this when he started more than 20 years ago. His first job was a physical one - to help people move their belongings across houses.

Then he started to approach people on the street of Munich as a promoter of Bertelsmann SE & Co. KGaA.

As a waiter for catering events, he was participating at numerous corporate and social events in Munich between 2006 - 2009.

The internship in Discovery Inc opened for him the doors to a Media company. He was learning in the position as a receptionist to oversee holistically a company and was able to spend valuable time in almost every department.

Working in Nightshift was another great experience, which he made in EPCOS.

As a MediaInformatic student at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München he was also working for the implementation and integration of the Digital Library of the University into Apple's iTunes University program.

At Fujitsu (Fujitsu Siemens) he was handling the CMS (Customer Management System).

Then he started one of my best jobs ever at Ray Sono as Content Editor and Quality Analyst, where there was a very friendly atmosphere. He was able also to work there as a freelancer. He was working for projects for Lufthansa, Siemens, Linde.

His last work in Munich was for LoveScout24 (Friendscout), where he was appreciated for my research skills and ability to put new ideas on the table.

In his hometown Varna, Bulgaria, he was working as a freelance graphic designer and social entrepreneur for a couple of years. He was facilitating courses and activities for kids and administrating task for the CCT Bulgaria (Center for Creative Training).


He saw a great opportunity to boost his communication skill working in the Customer Support Centers, where he was also improving his mediation skills.

In the outsourcing companies in Bulgaria he was working as a Customer Support agent for: a mobile communication company in Germany mobilcom-debitel GmbH,  Energy Provider E WIE EINFACH GmbH ( company of EON), Microsoft 365,  Amazon, etc.

In France he was working directly shortly for in their Customer Support department.

In Bulgaria, he was working directly for Paysafe Group and won an internal contest as Bug Detective (without being officially a developer). 

In his employment in Barcelona, he was working again as a Customer Support agent for projects supporting  Airbus, Airbnb, the LEGO Group, etc. 

He was able to step into the world of remote work in 2019 thanks to MoGi Group.

In TDCX he was first invited to humanize the brand and was awarded even as the Employee of the Year for my teamwork. He was selling computers for Lenovo. Later the management lied to him that they will send him a laptop during the high peak of the pandemic. They also refused to pay him the monthly salary leaving him in a very hard life situation. So far the worst employee he had experienced. This experience marked a black page in his book "Karam.Yoga - Transitioning into a New Age".

His employment directly at Amazon in 2020 was certainly a one high peak in his career. Working entirely from a distance, he was able not only to perform my job duties but also to support his colleagues in the new WFH paradigm.
He was awarded for the Leadership Principle "Learn and be curious". He was implementing a communicational project, which improved internal communication by 80%. 

He was supporting also the mental health and wellbeing of his colleagues and created the first in Amazon, Spain chapter for Mental health and Wellbeing.
He invented the word "MediWorkAtion" and wrote a book about it.

During his employment at Amazon, he also started to write, design, and publish his books. 

Now you know the background of the book "The Corporate and Community Shaman in the Age of Aquarius".

In 2022 as Digital Service Consultant at HP Creating he was running an internal project called "MICS" - Multiple Information Collaborative Solution. 


* Improving the onboarding time for new Hires with 71%
* Creating an onboarding guide
* Developing a knowledge base for the project

He stepped into the startup CaaS (car as service) Lynk & CO and have manifested mobility during only 3 months, as this was the main core value proposition of this company. 

In his 20 years work experience he never took day off due illness. 


CS Trainings

From 2015 - 

Mobile Debitel Telecommunications
Amazon ( for Customers) - E-
AirFrance - Travel
 - Travel
Microsoft 365 - IT
E-ON - Energy 
AirBus - Aerospace 
AirBnB - Travel
PaySafe - FinTech
SMB - Energy 
MoGi - Gaming
Lego - Gaming
Lenovo - IT 
Amazon ( for Sellers ) - E-Commerce 
Stripe - FinTech
Brother - Electronics
Worldline - FinTech
Lynk & Co - CaaS / Automobile industry


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