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Karam Flow

Psychological Dynamic Relax Meditation 

About the "Karam Flow"

Karam Flow is a practice in which a person explores her/himself through movements, which are external and internal. It involves spirit and soul (the meaning of "psychology"). 

The dynamic approach is needed as the practitioner is working with an energy. At the same time there is a certain relaxation effect and the balance is achieved through the state of meditation in which one should remain. 

Essential part of the training is the development of the sensitivity for the "flow" and experiencing it through different exercises and tools. 

The aim of the practitioner is to get in the state, where her/his movement are harmonious, smooth, and she/he is in her/his centres of balance (Heart, Mind, and Will).

Karam Flow is part of the unique Consultation and Coaching Methodology developed by Ogi Karam over the years. 


17 years (1999 - 2016) to form Ogi Karam as sustainable , multidisciplinary, life long learning entity and then 8 years (2012 - 2022) to create a unique Flow Art called “Karam Flow”. 


This method is being offered as a solution for a smoother transition into a more subtitle and energy defined world. 

Ogi Karam describes “Karam Flow” as Psychological Dynamic Relax Meditation.

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The book "Karam Flow - The Cosmic Flow" was published at the beginning of 2023 and  is available on Amazon.

About the creator

At the age of 14 Ogi Karam was introduced into the world of mediation and energy practices as he was growing in Varna, Bulgaria among fellow yogis. 

In 1999, he received initiation into the energy healing practice Johrei, which was accompanying his dedication into AiKiDo and Martial Arts in general. 

With the inherited dynamic attitude from his father, he was training and practicing variety of sport arts like football, basketball, volleyball, swimming, cycling, tennis (table and on court), acrobatics, etc.  

His mother has guided him into the inward exploration of worlds. She was also reminding him about his true origin and roots. 

His grandfather was mentoring him in his last years, when they were living together, and passing him his knowledge, skills and experience in the field of Social Life.

With his friends of "Alfyola" he was learning and practicing yoga, which was given in the mountain of Rila, where he also resided several times in the month of August. 

Once he arrived in Barcelona, he started to train with the talented people from the artistic community in Barcelona (fire, show, circus, led, performers, dancers, yogis, ...). 

During the year 2020 he wrote his first book, "Karam.Yoga - transitioning into a New Age", where he was emphasizing on the changes, which we are facing by going into a more subtle, energetic realm, world, society. He wrote several others books, which can be attained on Amazon. 

In spring 2021 he created the first chapter for "Mental Health and Well-being" in Amazon Spain. At the end of this year he left the corporation and went on a self exploration journey in the South of Spain and the Mediterranean Coast ( the book "Buddha on Camino" reflects some of his insights from it).

In 2022 he decided to name his own Flow style, which he named "Karam Flow". 

More about the founder, you can find on his extended biography


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