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Should I pay for it?

Yes. (except for Johrei)

Simply because we live in a world where people have agreed to exchange 
certain values. Nowadays this happens to be called "money". 

I have spend more than 20 years in learning and developing myself and adding values to peoples and organisations life for no or very low cost. I was constantly investing my time, my energy, my focused attention to particular practical projects, where I was applying the knowledge, seeing the results, reflecting of the outcomes and taking the essentials out of it.  


If you want to profit from this work I did, a small gesture of recognition in terms of an internationally acceptable valuer, such a money is required. 

Is this a Therapy?


If you have a medical problem, you need to go the an official medical representative. 

If you want to dig into your past and focus on your problems, again, don't consider my services.

I am looking at what you can do and we will work forward for developing your potential.


Up and Forward!

Is there a guarantee that you will improve me?

We will have regular meetings discussing the challenges, obstacles and your achievements  along the path

On my side I will focus with awareness my attention, energy and time in order to support you the best possible way. The goal is that you will take ownership of your accomplishment.

After we have succeeded on the given topic, I will be happy if you are able to master it on yourself.

Is your method patented?

There will be no official methodology given to the public for the method I am using.


Instead of applying for a patent and revealing my methodology, I prefer to refer to the ancient principle of keeping the "Secret Ingredient", which is even valid nowadays (today known as Trade secret law). 

I have the rare chance to receive teaching, advises and mentorship from great people, to whom I am expressing my deep thankfulness.  


At the end of 2020 I wrote the book "Karam.Yoga - Transitioning into a New Age". You can look at it as a good point of reference. It is available on Amazon as ebook and print version, also as ebook in my web store.

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