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Ogi Karam -
Coach / Consultant

Supporting authentic people on their journey of discovery.

Helping people to be in dynamic awareness equilibrium of emotions, thoughts and actions.

Unique methodology based on

⭐ Simplicity 

     ⭐ Dedication 

    ⭐ Consistency  

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Ogi Karam will personally consult you on topics like: Life, Career, Creativity, Branding, Language Learning, Mediation, Communication, Goal setting, Minimalism, Digital Detoxication and more!

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Ogi Karam will personally guide You in the process of achieving your goals, realising your dreams, will supporting You for Your success! 

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Awaken your communication skills. Train your understanding. This short but very powerful course will give you the tool to improve your life. 

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Johrei is transmitted through the hand of the giver to the spiritual body of the receiver with the intent of purifying the spirit; this purification reflects to other levels of consciousness and often to the physical body.


Ogi Karam

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His origin is from Bulgaria, the city of Varna.

He spent more than 20 years learning various subjects and disciplines, developing a broad understanding of the objects and processes in the external and internal worlds.

MultiMedia & Communication are his particular fields of specialization. Combining them both, he was able also to realize innovative projects and ideas in Bulgaria, gaining also proficiency in Social Entrepreneurship.

He was working for some of the biggest brands and organizations in the world like: Siemens, Fujitsu Siemens, Discovery Channel, AirBnB, Amazon, Lenovo, LMU München, etc.

He is dedicated to support and help people during their discovery journey.

During his life he was in more 
than 50 non-profit organisations, clubs and groups. In most of them he was playing active and significant role, being also a founder, co-founder or in the management board.

Ogi Karam



These books are invitation for the reader prior booking the services of the author. 


Karam.Yoga - Transitioning into a New Age

Corporate and Community Shaman in the Age of Aquarius
MediWorkAtion - Work is Love made Visible 

Buddha on Camino 

Bulgarian Tales - bilingual edition (English / Bulgarian) and (Spanish / Bulgarian) 

Tantris - Taste of Love 

Mandalas - colouring book 

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Free Download: 

 Mantram - Mantra texts and Playlist on Spotify

Photography Books


Being visual communicator it is easier to transmit through images.
And here are the published photography books: 

Human and Water - Underwater photographies from the project "Human and Water" - Hardcover book 

Rila - Beauty and Mystic - photographies from the mystical mountain of Rila, Bulgaria - Hardcover book (also as ebook) 

Moments of Life ( 4 books ) - Small Square, 7×7 in, 18×18 cm
A small collection of handpicked photographs from certain time period done by Ogi Karam, moments of life worth sharing.

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