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KaramCaminDO Spring 2023

KaramCaminDo Spring 2023

Celebration of the meteorological and astrological arrival of spring ?  

Do you want to connect with nature ? 
Do you want to connect to yourself ?
Do you want to focus on your breathing? 
Do you want to make a digital detoxication? 

If Yes is your answer to all of these question keep on reading. 

On 25th of March we will go in nature and will stay for 1 night to sleep there. We will use the time to connect to nature, ourself, our breathing and to stay away from digital technology from a while. We will find a place to put ourself (hammocks, tents, bivouac etc.)

On the 26th we will wake up with the sun, share our sleeping experience , enjoy the morning energy, having a breakfast together and other activities which will came up spontaneously :)
We can decide to come back or to continue to hike more. 

If you want to participate please fill out the form till 19 March 23:59. 

A small group of max. 7 people will be great!


Terms & Conditions 

1. Liability
The participants of the event will be responsible for their own safety. It is expected that they will demonstrate a respectful behavior towards others and to the natural environment. 

2. Requirements 

2.1. Among the respectful behavior, it is required that the participants have outdoor equipment (backpack, groundsheet, tent, sleeping back for the actual conditions, sleeping mat/ foam, hiking shoes etc.). 

2.2. It is required to fill out the form below before 19 March 23:59. 

The submission will help to organize the group for the event. 

The place can not be guarantied as it group will be selected based on various criteria (prior experience, gear, motivation, weather conditions, availability etc.)


3. The location 

The place where the Karam CaminDo Spring 2023 will be held will be clarified after the group of participants is set. 

The location will be determined 48h before the event, however due to weather conditions the organizers might change the location by which they will notify the participants. 


4. Participation fee 

A donation of at least 20 EUR will be accepted, thankfully, but any higher amount will be accepted as well. 

It is expected to send the amount before the event. This kind of action will also be interpreted as a serious intention of doing it. 

If the participants struggle financially, they can discuss that discreetly with the organizer. 

5. Other 
It is expected that everybody will bring their own food and that we will share it in a community

Karam CaminDo Spring 2023


Do you have?

Thanks for submitting!
You will be contacted soon.

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Recommended is also the book "Buddha on Camino" written and published by Ogi Karam at the beginning of 2022 reflecting on his "Camino" started in Malaga, Andalucia (Spain) and going East across the Mediterranean Coast. 

The book can be ordered on Amazon

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