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"KaramCaminDO" is a unique experience which will help you to reconnect to nature, yourself, the Universe. It will align you with natural rhythm and the Life. 

You will go on a hike in natural environment where Ogi Karam will guide you through the Connection process. 

The place can be in the mountains, on the coast or in a natural Parc.  

This is very exclusive, limited and unique experience and prior reservation is required. Please get in touch for more info. 

If you need support in this initial process, a consultation with Ogi Karam needs to be booked. 

The actual offer of this experience: 

Buddha on Camino cover.png

Recommended is also the book "Buddha on Camino" written and published by Ogi Karam at the beginning of 2022 reflecting on his "Camino" started in Malaga, Andalucia (Spain) and going East across the Mediterranean Coast. 

The book can be ordered on Amazon

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