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Image by Lionello DelPiccolo
Varna Barna.png

Varna - Barna (BARceloNA)

Varna and Barna (Barcelona) are both sea capitols of their countries (Bulgaria and Spain). They are both facing East and with an official contract from the year 2007 between both municipalities, they have the status of twin cities. 

Barcelona is a surrounded by mountains and near the magnificent Costa Brava. 

The locals call "Barna" the vivid Mediterranean city, which is now a High-Tech center, where people from all over the world meet. 

Varna - Barna photography.png

"Varna - Barna" is a project inspired by the long term stay of Ogi Karam in Barcelona, called by the locals “Barna”. 

To add authenticity to the inspirational moments he has experienced, the author has chosen to express it through the medium of photography - hundreds of small quadratic photographies. 

Barcelona is a city that leaves no one who has visited it indifferently. Magic is both in the air and immortalised by unique architectural masterpieces. 

The author considers that culture is a sustainable bridge on which peoples can get to know each other through the universal language of art. With this exhibition he builds this bridge.

Varna - Barna.png

"Don't build so many bridges to divide you, but more bridges to unite you"

Kolyu Ficheto

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